Art Resolve Re-Launches 4 September 2014

The Commercial Aspects of Treasure
21 October 2014

St Olaves

(©St Olave Hart Street PCC by courtesy photographer Phil Manning)


A reception to re-launch ArtResolve will take place at St. Olave’s Church on the 4th September following the Institute of Art and Law seminar Acts of Grace Displaced Cultural Objects and Voluntary Acts of Return

St. Olave’s is one of the few surviving mediaeval buildings in the City of London and the burial place of Samuel Pepys.

The restored 17thcentury memorial bust of Dr. Peter Turner, lost after the Blitz and recently re-installed following the pro bono assistance of The Art Loss Register and Professor Palmer, takes pride of place in this beautiful oasis of calm and spirituality.

If you would like to attend the reception please email [email protected].