13 October 2022

Art Resolve’s annual lunch and art talk by member Richard Clark at the The Angel Inn, Stoke-by-Nayland

The Angel Inn, Stoke-by-Nayland was the perfect location for the Art Resolve annual lunch. Not only does it provide exceptional food and service in a delightful location, The Angel Inn has a close link with John Constable who lived a few miles away and is believed to have visited The Angel when drawing and painting the church of St Mary’s in the village.  In addition, The Angel Inn has an exceptional art collection including some important old master paintings and drawings as well as a wonderful post war and modern British collection.   Among the old master paintings is a wonderful portrait of Cosimo d’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany by the studio of Bronzino and painted around 1569 in Florence. After a splendid lunch, one of our mediators, Richard Clark, gave a short lecture on the painting and the group discussed Bronzino, the Medici as well as the art history, context […]
10 June 2022

PAIAM event supported by Art Resolve at Sotheby’s

Art Resolve was delighted to support PAIAM with a champagne reception at Sotheby’s on 7th June. Following an introduction by Art Resolve, attendees had the opportunity to view an array of items and speak with Old Master Drawings & Miniatures expert, Mark Griffith-Jones; European Sculpture expert, Chris Mason; and Impressionist & Modern art specialist Julia Fischel.  In addition, attendees enjoyed a private guided tour given by Sotheby’s Head of Jewellery Kristian Spofforth of Power & Image: Royal & Aristocratic Tiaras which brought together fifty magnificent tiaras to celebrate the Jubilee season. 
21 March 2022

Art Resolve’s Nicola Wallace to be guest speaker at Maastricht University for Masters developed jointly with Royal Academy

Nicola Wallace of Art Resolve has been invited as guest lecturer to speak at Maastricht University for the Maastricht University/ Royal Academy Executive Masters in Cultural Leadership. Nicola will be examining comparative jurisdictions, alternative dispute options and highlighting the invaluable role of mediation in disputes arising in the Art and Cultural sectors.  Nicola is a barrister and mediator in London. See more about the Masters here.
18 January 2021

Richard Clark writes on Online Dispute Resolution

Originally published on Richard Clark Mediation and can be accessed here. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is not new – it was alive and well long before the Pandemic. However, like many areas of professional and commercial life, Covid-19 has greatly increased the use of virtual, online processes for the resolution of disputes, including major, high value commercial cases. I have conducted many online mediations long before the start of the pandemic but I have seen a large increase in online work over the last few months and, having just completed another online mediation of a large, international, multi-party dispute, now seems a good time to offer a few thoughts and reflections which I hope may be of some help (and perhaps reassurance) to parties contemplating mediation but wondering if an online solution is suitable for the resolution of their dispute. For those unfamiliar with ODR who may be sceptical as […]
18 January 2021

Richard Clark joins as a member of Art Resolve

Richard is a leading dispute resolution lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation. He was formerly Head of Dispute Resolution and Executive Managing Partner at Slaughter and May, where his clients included some of the world’s leading museums and galleries, auction houses, dealers and collectors. Read Richard’s full profile here.
22 November 2020

Malcolm Taylor writes on Art Mediation

The Art of Mediation By Malcolm Taylor Disputes can arise in the commercial, private and family arenas and traditionally have resulted in formal court action for resolution.  This can be very expensive, time consuming, emotionally challenging and often conducted in very public forums.  The parties can be exposed to substantial costs, negative or harmful publicity, personal stress and a substantial call on their time. The courts have, in reality, relatively limited remedies, usually purely financial and this can restrict the range of outcomes that might more readily reflect the needs and aspirations of the parties involved. Mediation is a form of “ADR” (Alternative Dispute Resolution) that can offer a pragmatic, cost effective, flexible and confidential option for dispute resolution, outside the formal court process. So how does Mediation fit into the world of art and cultural heritage?  Disputes are just as common in this area as in any other and […]
18 July 2020

Gregor Kleinknecht appointed as Chairman of Professional Advisors to the International Art Market’s Board

We are pleased to announce that Gregor Kleinknecht has been appointed as Chairman of the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market’s (PAIAM) Board.   For more information on  PAIAM see here.  
25 June 2020

Petra Warrington paticipates in a panel discussion hosted by London Art Week

On Tuesday, 7 July 2020 at 17:00 BST, Petra Warrington will participate in a panel discussion hosted by London Art Week: The “Life” of a Collection – Managing Today for Tomorrow. More information can be found here.
18 April 2020

Petra Warrington examines online auctions during Covid-19 in Private Art Investor

Originally published in Private Art Investor and can be accessed here. Responding to the Government guidance on COVID-19 issued on 23rd March, auction houses throughout the UK have been forced to close their doors. Those auctioneers that are already set up for online bidding, and so able to build on an existing online business, are in an advantageous place to weather this storm. In any case, auctioneers who intend to continue with sales during this challenging period will need to make significant adjustments to their pre and post auction logistics and consider the legal implications of any changes to the sale format. In particular, they need to check that their existing terms and conditions of business and compliance procedures are fit for purpose…   See here for the rest of the Article…
6 April 2020

Gregor Kleinknecht and Petra Warrington discuss private treaty sales

Originally published by Hunters and accessible here. Despite auction houses and galleries being forced to close their doors for the time being, there will still be plenty of business transacted behind the scenes. Private treaty sales are likely to be a principal means of buying and selling artworks. Unlike public auction sales, private treaty sales offer the parties to the transaction privacy, flexibility and control. That does not mean, however, that they should be entered into without an appropriate level of due diligence and a proper written and enforceable contract in place. That contract needs to incorporate effectively any applicable terms and conditions of business. All too often, we find that terms and conditions are presented to a buyer only on the back of an invoice after a contract has already been entered into which, if a dispute were to arise, would be likely to lead to expensive and time-consuming satellite […]