Art Mediation, Art Disputes and Art ADR

Efficient, private, out-of-court options for the resolution of disputes about works of art, objects of antiquity and historic sites.

These disputes may involve authenticity and attribution, title and provenance, broken trusts or other promises, liability for loss or damage, copyright and moral rights, matters of insurance and indemnity, or any other question concerning cultural objects or rights.

They often involve complex points of law and star conflicts of evidence.
Court claims can be very expensive, consume much valuable time, generate harmful publicity and, in the end, satisfy none of the parties.

The dispute resolution methods on which Art Resolve advises can help greatly in avoiding these problems.
Art Resolve has access to lawyers, art experts, archaeologists and historians.

They have been selected for their professional expertise and experience, and for their specialised knowledge.

Art Resolve regards the selection of these neutrals as being of the first importance, and seeks always to appoint the most suitable person(s) for each case and the most acceptable to the parties.

In appropriate cases, Art Resolve can offer experts drawn from different professions: these experts can form a panel able to consider a dispute from the artistic, historical and legal angles.

This gives Art Resolve a particular edge in dealing with issues such as authenticity, title and the special problems arising from disputes about Holocaust assets.