A specialist dispute resolution service for art and cultural heritage

Art Resolve offers expertise, knowledge and insight in all aspects of art and cultural heritage. We provide efficient, private, out-of-court options (both in person and online) for the resolution of disputes about works of art, the art market, objects of antiquity, historic sites, intangible cultural heritage and intellectual property.

These disputes may involve authenticity and attribution, title and provenance, broken trusts or other promises, liability for loss or damage, copyright and moral rights, matters of insurance and indemnity, or any other question concerning art and cultural heritage.

The disputes often involve complex points of law and conflicts of evidence. Court claims can be very expensive, consume much valuable time, generate harmful publicity and, in the end, satisfy none of the parties.

The dispute resolution methods which Art Resolve utilise can help greatly in avoiding these problems and include mediation, early neutral evaluation, expert determination and arbitration.

Art Resolve’s specialist panel is currently made up of six accredited mediators. Each of our members is passionate about the arts and an expert in their field with a unique combination of skills and either a legal or business background, which makes them adept at resolving disputes within art and culture. Our special connection to and understanding of the art world allows Art Resolve to provide speedy, thorough and practical dispute resolution.

Art Resolve always seeks to appoint the most suitable person(s) for each case and the most acceptable to the parties.

In appropriate cases, Art Resolve can recommend external experts drawn from different professions and organise a panel to consider a dispute from the artistic and historical angles.