Art Resolve members to offer seminar as part of Mediation Awareness Week 2017

Tony Baumgartner of Clyde & Co., writes in ‘Contract Certainly Under the Hammer’ where terms of sale can sometimes lead to unexpected and perhaps even unintended outcomes.
14 August 2017
Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
10 September 2018

On 17 October, members of the Art Resolve team will join art market professionals to share experiences of disputes within the art market which could have benefited from mediation.  This seminar is being presented as part of a series of events during Mediation Awareness Week 2017.

Drawing on real-life stories and scenarios, our speakers will give a valuable insight into the art world and all its workings.

They will put forward historical cases of disputes and invite Art Resolve’s mediators to explain how outcomes could have differed if mediation had been sought. This event will be of interest to any business manager or solicitor interested in finding practical and economical ADR services with leading experts from the art market.

Places for the seminar are limited and can be booked through the link here.