James Ratcliffe

James is the Director of Recoveries & General Counsel at the Art Loss Register where he specialises in the recovery of stolen and looted art and antiquities across the world. Such claims are often complex and multi jurisdictional, with evidence which may date back decades in so far as it exists at all. In reaching resolutions to such claims James has built up wide experience representing claimant insurers, individuals, and nation states and has liaised closely with the art market and law enforcement agencies, thereby gaining a deep understanding of their motivations and needs. Ultimately the vast majority of such claims are resolved on a confidential, pragmatic, out of court basis.

James is a CEDR accredited mediator for commercial disputes, and prior to joining the ALR worked as a solicitor in London. His academic training was as an archaeologist, giving him a particular interest in the resolution of claims for looted antiquities.

As well as being a regular speaker and lecturer at a range of institutions, James is a member of PAIAM, the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market; a member of the UK Committee of the Blue Shield; and a Specialist Assessor to the Cultural Protection Fund. He also writes occasional comment pieces for Apollo.